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We’re looking forward to welcoming singer-songwriter Julia Weldon in Bayreuth. In order to live and create in a spirit of sharing, discussing, inventing.



Manape Shogole from Johannesburg/ South Africa worked with us as Poet in Residence 2016 from  November 9th till 19th, 2016. In a number of performances, Manape celebrated the works of Hilde Marx from her point of view.

BA guest_Shogole
 Manape Shogole being a poet and a host of spoken word scene in Johannesburg herself, l contributed to the literary scene in Bavaria, acting as the  annual ‘City Writer’ of 2016. With her attentive eye for questions around feminism, exclusive mechanisms of contemporary society’s and the time-traveling capacity of literature, she will work on the poetic estate of a local poet, Hilde Marx, who was forced to go into exile to the US in the 1930s, after being persecuted by the National Socialist regime. Together with Dr. Katharina Fink, Manape Shogole will ‘update’ the topics of Hilde Marx for a contemporary audience.
Manape Shogole holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Witwatersrand. She graduated with a triple major in Anthropology, Geography and International Relations (2015). Additionally, her training is inmarketing and advertising. Currently, she’s finishing her Anthropology honours programme (2016) under the scope of South Africa’s socio-economic issues. The title of her research report is “Thrift Shopping and the construction of personhood.”. It deals with self-styling, body represention , fashion and the creation of self using second-hand clothes from the street markets in the Johannesburg CBD. Shogole teaches in the Anthropology department, working with first years students on topics related to ‘decolonialisation’ and ‘everyday resistence’.


We thank the Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies for the support!

Contact Manape: Manape.n@gmail.com
Programme in Bayreuth: katharina.fink@uni-bayreuth.de